About Valley Vista Acres

Spring 2019:
After some health struggles* slowed me down for a while, I’m now recovered with renewed vigour that will see my gardens become productive again. Yay! (* Have a new heart valve that’s working well.)

Spring 2014: This is my new web site which is replacing a much older one that I hadn’t kept up, and that wasn’t a “responsive” site (i.e. didn’t work well on tablets and smart phones).

The site is mainly for my own use–basically just to document my tasks/progress as I work through the months, and to store information I don’t want to lose track of. There may be information or images that are of use to others. If that’s the case, great! If not, well …. there it is.

My primary gardening interests are related to growing, saving, and sharing seeds–primarily from, and for, food plants & herbs. I plant only heritage and/or certified organic seed from local suppliers when possible, and other Canadian suppliers for hard-to-get or unique varieties when not possible.

My gardens had PACS organic certification for a couple of years, but I found that I couldn’t meet my seed saving/selling goals, partly because I was unable to perform the physical tasks, so I let the certification go. However, although my gardens are not certified now, I’m firmly committed to strict organic principles as defined by PACs and other certification bodies.

I plan to rejuvenate my large five garden pods during this spring and summer, firstly by establishing small “chicken tractors” in each pod, and then sowing with cover crops after the chickens have done the basic cleanup.

If you really want to contact me, you can e-mail [the full name of this web site–sans the .ca] at gmail dot com.

Cheers, Linda